*Salmon skin roll* 

In my fourteen years of schooling, I have made many friends. But only a handful of whom, I truly cherish.

Being the last year of school, I wholeheartedly wanted a partner in school with whom I would genuinely get along.

And that friend/partner turned out to be, the one, the only: Smriti.

Initially, our conversations would revolve around the dashing, Benedict Cumberbatch.

so much feels

Mostly Sherlock, followed by Friends and our profound love for Mrs Chanandler Bing’s humor.

Oh, Chandler :’)

Even when talking about family, she listened and reciprocated something or the other about herself too. Her openness hel-  I’ve got to stop talking about her in third person. This post is for her

So, here we go:

Hello hello Smriti

I just wanted to let you know,

you’re one hell of a friend


Our conversations via textbooks,  your little sketches of weird owls, character sketches and whatnot.

Our not so sneaky laughs on Crystal ma’am’s not so great pronunciations.

Making of the very off-tune random jingles based on anything and everything 🎶🎶

Cheers to these memories and the many more to come 🎈

Thanks Smriti,

Thank you for the memories

Oh, and


Wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve it.

A happy picture of Chandler for a happy day.

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